Restro Maestro
More Customers, More Often, More on the Bottom Line
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Mama Makes Your Mouth Water

Maybe you are here because you are hungry. We hope that's not all. Because Mama here is about more than filling your stomach. She's about filling your heart, and making you feel like you've come to your own Mama's home.

Mama Takes Care of You

Maybe you've got a birthday coming up, maybe an anniversary. Let Mama help you celebrate. Our spacious back room can hold up to 45 people. Mama can make a special meal just for you. Do you have a favorite baker? Mama will order the cake too. Special flowers or a song. Mama's got you covered. Just hit the button below and let Mama know what you need:

Let Mama Take Care of You (Sample Event Form)

Mama Knows How to Bring Her Customers Back Around
Be Like Mama

Mama uses e-mail to bring her customers back around. She knows when they have birthdays. She knows their anniversaries. She sends e-mail to her customers to help them arrange their special celebrations.

  • Mama helps them plan their parties.
  • Mama helps them invite their friends.
  • Mama invites them to her special events.
  • Mama tells them about her specials.
  • Mama invites them in to check out her new Menu.
  • Mama makes them Feel Special.

Mama is smart about it. She knows it isn't hard. Mama's got a system that does most of the work for her.

Mama started out doing it on her own. Now Mama let's us take care of it so she can take care of her customers.